Emergency Response Services

We are available 24/7 to respond to disasters or facility emergencies. You’ll quickly return to your regular business operations with our efficient, safe, and effective emergency response and restoration services.

Fast and Safety-Focused Disaster Recovery, Restoration, and Reconstruction Services

Each day your business is out of commission due to a disaster is harmful to your business’s reputation, customers, employees, and bottom line. When water leaks, fire or smoke damage, asbestos or mold problems, storms, or floods cause damage to your facility, our emergency response services team restores your facility quickly and safely.

Commercial properties are restored to their former, pre-loss condition using the latest technology handled by our highly skilled and expertly trained technicians. Taking all operations, safety, and hazardous elements into account, we develop a customized emergency response plan for your facility. With skill, dedication, and timeliness, our expert emergency response specialists restore, clean, and repair damaged properties quickly and safely. Our advanced equipment and specialized restoration cleansing techniques enable you to resume normal business operations quickly.

Contact us 24/7 for emergency response or to discuss contingency plans to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies ahead of time.

Emergency Services

  • Storm Damage Mitigation

  • Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • Mold and Asbestos Remediation

  • Document Recovery Services

  • Flood Damage Remediation

  • Natural Disasters

Count on Our Comprehensive Emergency Response Services When Your Facility Experiences a Disaster

Our water intrusion and damage experts evaluate your situation and create a comprehensive plan to stop water intrusion or leaks, clean up, dry, repair damage, and restore your facility to pre-disaster condition. In this process, they work closely with customers to understand their concerns and requirements, map out all procedures needed, including those that will provide the fastest drying time possible, and coordinate the complete cleanup and restoration of your facility.

Haynes’ seasoned fire and smoke damage mitigation teams perform industrial hygienic tests to determine smoke’s path and penetration since not all smoke and fire damage is visible. We thoroughly clean and restore commercial buildings and conduct follow-up tests to ensure that the building is safe for habitation. Our teams can also conduct inventory and collect evidence for insurance claims.

Asbestos or mold introduces a significant risk to the public in commercial facilities. Haynes’ restoration services can completely and quickly eliminate mold, preventing its spread. With our team’s expertise and equipment, we can identify and remediate all contaminated areas within the facility to restore critical safety. Before and after restoration, industrial hygienic testing ensures safe reentry to exposed areas of the building.

Water damage to a business’s documents can result in costly business losses and critical data loss. The Haynes document recovery laboratories have the specialized technology needed to retrieve documents that would otherwise be considered lost. Our document laboratories use freeze-drying chambers to remove water and moisture from paper manuscripts and collections. By freeze-drying documents, they become easy to handle and do not emit any odors. Information contained in these documents may be sensitive or valuable assets of the company, such as intellectual property. We adhere to all local and national laws while taking security measures to ensure that all business information is protected. Haynes provides secure destruction of restored and archived or no longer needed documents.


  • Water intrusion prevention

  • Water influx 24/7 response

  • Water infiltration assessment

  • Water damage containment and spread prevention
  • Water removal and rapid drying

  • Water damage restoration

  • Final cleaning


  • Smoke path and penetration industrial hygienic testing
  • Supporting business asset and insurance agency teams in inventorying and establishing evidence for claims on fire-damaged assets

  • Cleaning procedure planning

  • Comprehensive cleanup

  • Remediation of smoke damage

  • Long-term reconstruction

  • Retesting of the building for safety before employees reenter


  • Mold contamination identification

  • Mold spread prevention and elimination

  • Asbestos inspection

  • Asbestos testing

  • Asbestos abatement

  • Hygienic testing pre- and post-remediation to ensure safe reentry into exposed areas


  • Water-damaged document processing and recovery

  • Removal of moisture from collections and papers in dedicated laboratory drying chambers

  • Recovery of documents, records, intellectual property, or other sensitive information to a condition that is odor free and easily handled

  • Protection of business documents according to local and national legal requirements

  • Secure destruction of restored or unretained files