Window Cleaning Services

Haynes delivers window cleaning services customized to meet each customer’s operations environment and scheduling requirements.

Enhancing Facility Comfort and Longevity

Clean windows contribute to a facility’s positive impression and work environment. Keeping windows clean extends their lifespan, improves their appearance, and prevents dirt buildup, hard water stains, and pollutants. Our window cleaning services are tailored to each customer’s infrastructure and service schedule requirements.

Skilled Professionals With Extensive Experience

The professionals on our commercial window cleaning team are highly skilled and trained. We ensure that our crew delivers safe window cleaning services through our window cleaning safety program. Using the best safety equipment and receiving annual safety training, our window cleaning program is OSHA-certified.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated Services

  • Customizable Schedules

  • Staffing Stability

  • Quality Control

  • Safety Focused

Comprehensive Window Cleaning Programs

Commercial window cleaning is a highly skilled and demanding line of work job that requires years of hard work and training. Haynes’ rigorous training program begins with an apprenticeship position. During the apprentice’s first two years, approximately 1,500 hours of training are spent with a journeyman.

In the first phase, the apprentice learns window cleaning from the ground, with poles, and with small ladders. In the second phase, training includes window cleaning with high ladders and lifts. Phase three of training consists of dedicated stage cleaning, modular stage, and rope access window cleaning. The majority of window cleaning training is done on the job, ensuring competency and affording crucial hands-on expertise.

Safety Program

Commercial window cleaning is a service that poses a high level of risk; our customers depend on us to address the risks through our rigorous safety protocols. Maintaining a culture of safety requires continuous training. As part of Haynes’ Safety360 company-wide safety program, all window cleaners receive safety orientation training. To be cleared to perform suspended work, our cleaners must pass an annual test on assisted rescue and self-rescue.

Each year, Haynes holds an orientation day in which all safety protocols are reviewed and the previous year’s safety performance is evaluated.

Every morning before the shift begins, employees receive safety training covering at least one safety topic.


  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Highlight window cleaning
  • High rise window cleaning


  • Caulking
  • Glass restoration
  • Chandelier cleaning